For years, each time the ice cream truck came around we’d turn to our little son and say, How nice, the music truck has come to play for all the boys and girls. He loved it. He’d run out the front door and dance in the yard. The driver would stop, expecting a sale. I’d wave him on with little subtlety until he got the hint. Then one day our jerk neighbors with their jerk kid came over them told our little angel that the music truck he’s been enjoying is actually floor-to-ceiling full of ice cream. The next day when the truck came by our little angel ran out the back, tried to leap over the fence, got stuck halfway and watched as his beloved music truck appeared for the last time, transforming before his eyes into the great american ice cream hauler.

I did the sound for this lovely video from the IPRC. Prepping for the big move!

My radio play, The Pool, was “screened” at The Clinton Street Theatre. The challenge was to give the audience some kind of visual that did not take away from the experience of listening to a radio play and seeing with the mind’s eye. It seemed that, if we were going to add any visual aspect, it needed to be abstract. So I dug up some color bleeds that I had made as an art student in The Netherlands, and my friend Lincoln Barren Holmes, a local filmmaker, arranged them in several different orders. We talked about how each one effected the way we “saw” what we were hearing, and agreed on the version below.

For a time I was working in my friend’s basement, sanding down bamboo panels to be used in his photo-mounting business. They were looking to make their first web commercial. So I drew some storyboards, wrote a script, narrated the voiceover and played the music.