From an interview by Matthew Anderson, host of the literary podcast Unknown Words

“You’ve got your memories and you’ve got photographs of your memories. If you just look at the photographs, they kind of get in the way of the memory. And then you just have that one image. And maybe that’s why I’m a little hesitant to portray my own experiences too quickly because those words  become my memory.”

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From an interview by Erin Yanke, KBOO Radio’s Program Director, broadcast on 90.7 fm in Portland, 104.3 fm in Corvallis, and 91.9 fm in Hood River:

“Directing the voice actors for The Pool was a new experience for me.  To hear someone read the lines that you’ve been working on and editing and revising, and you have in your head the way it should be delivered, and then you hear them read it and realize, that’s not right. But you want to say it in a soft way to make them feel that they own the part. And then other times, they’ll read something in a way that’s not at all how you planned, it’s better.”

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From an interview by Cari Luna, author or The Revolution of Every Day:

“I had saved enough money to buy a one-way ticket to Amsterdam, pay the tuition for one year of art school there, which was similar to the cost of community college here, and live for two months, assuming I’d find some kind of work after getting there. The only steady work I could find was writing journalism for the Amsterdam Weekly, which was not unlike a European version of the Portland Mercury or Village Voice. If I wrote enough for them each week, it paid enough to live on, sort of. There were weeks where I lived on coffee and potatoes. But I was also living in fucking Amsterdam, so it didn’t seem so bad.”

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